A water utility's resiliency - the ability to provide an uninterrupted supply of safe, clean water - can be affected by natural occurrences such as earthquakes, drought, climate change and water quality conditions. The Water Supply Forum has embarked on a project to help water utilities in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties proactively evaluate the region's existing water supply systems resiliency and plan for potential water supply disruptions.

Resources developed by the Forum include a summary report and technical memoranda for climate change, earthquake, drought and water quality. In addition, an attractively illustrated brochure is also available.


Earthquakes and related events such as landslides, tsunamis, flash floods, etc. can cause damage that disrupts the area's water supply. Structural damage, loss of power and restricted access are examples of conditions caused by earthquakes that utilities must be prepared to resolve.


Climate change will cause increased fluctuations in water supplies and related challenges in maintaining high water quality.