Water Quality & Wise Water Use


The Washington Department of Health administers a drinking water quality program in keeping with standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency. Within the Water Supply Forum’s three-county planning area are four regional water supply agencies. Seattle Public Utilities, Tacoma Public Utilities, City of Everett and Cascade Water Alliance each provide information about water quality on their websites.


The Forum provides leadership and active engagement on environmental issues related to regional water resource and water supply management. The Puget Sound region is home to many species of salmon, and Forum members actively implement programs to improve salmon habitat. Seattle Public Utilities and Tacoma Public Utilities have habitat conservation plans,while the City of Everett and King County manage several initiatives to protect the water quality salmon depend on for survival.


Forum members have been committed to wise water use for decades. The efforts of water utilities are illustrated by the fact that wholesale and retail systems served by Seattle, Tacoma and Everett each use less water today than did 40 years ago despite significant population growth.